GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP MUA (856) 227-5665 or (856) 227-8666


We would like to thank the residents of Gloucester Township for your cooperation and patience during the implementation of the Single-Stream Recycling Program. 


We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) and answers to assist you in this transition.


Q - How can I obtain an additional cart?

A - All residents are to receive one (1) cart per household.  Please use the cart for recyclables and make any requests for additional cart(s) after January 1, 2012.  Please note that November and December, due to the Holidays, will generate more recyclable material than the rest of the year.


Q - What do I do with the old yellow can?

A - The yellow can is the property of the resident.  The can may be used for leaves, grass, branches/yard debris or can be returned to Public Works or the MUA.


Q - Can the new carts be painted?

A - No, the carts are the property of the Township.  The lids may not be removed.  The new carts cannot be defaced.


Q - Can I drill  holes in the bottom of the cart?

A - Yes, residents may drill holes for drainage in the bottom of the cart.  Holes are to be no larger than ¼” in diameter.


Q - Can the carts be returned?

A - No.  It is the law in Gloucester Township to recycle so residents may not return recycling carts.  After January 1, 2012, no collection will be taken from yellow cans except for areas that are not receiving automated carts.  The automated truck is unable to pick-up the yellow cans.