Hours are Monday thru Friday,  7:30  A.M. -  4:00  P.M.

   The Gloucester Township Ecological Center is operated by the Gloucester Township
Municipal Utilities Authority.  It has been permitted since 1991 and is fully licensed and
regulated by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.  The center is
located on an approximately 60 acre site just off Lower Landing Road and has the
capacity to process 126,800 cubic yards of combined materials (grass and leaves).
It is the largest compost facility in South Jersey.  It is presently not equipped to
process brush and, therefore, cannot accept brush or mixtures of brush and grass.

  The center recycles Gloucester Township's  grass and leaves and most communities
from Camden County, as well as commercial landscapers.  Through a carefully controlled process, the leaves and grass are converted into a high grade of compost and topsoil.  The process requires constant attention, beginning with the formula "mix" of three parts leaves to one part grass.  Large piles (windrows)  of grass and leaves are constantly turned over to maximize their oxygen content and lower their temperature. 
The moisture and temperature content of the windrows are constantly  monitored for 6 to 9 months until the product is ready for maturation.


100% organic compost - made from recycled grass and leaves.


  • Use on all flowers, vegetables, lawns and shrubs.

  • Improves soil moisture.

  • Builds sound root structure.

  • Balances your soils pH.

  • Reduces plan stress.






Grass tipping fees:           $10.00/Yard              Minimum One Yard
Leaves tipping fees:         $  5.00/Yard              Minimum Two Yards