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Gloucester Township Sewer System

The Gloucester Township Municipal Utilities Authority's (GTMUA) primary function is to maintain and service the Gloucester Township sewer system. Gloucester Township covers an area of approximately 24 square miles. Our sewer system presently consists of 50 pumping stations with an associated 13 miles of sanitary sewer force mains, 368 miles of sanitary gravity sewer mains and 4,844 manholes. We maintain over 300 miles of pipe that transport 5.5 million gallons of sewage per day from the Authority to the Camden County M.U.A.'s regional treatment plant. This is a round-the-clock operation that not only concerns protecting your health and welfare, but your environment as well. In addition to our daily responsibility of maintaining this vast sewer system, we also expand the system as needed to service newly constructed buildings and to replace failing septic systems. The age of various system components range from 50 plus years to the present.

The GTMUA primarily services Gloucester Township. There are also minor points of connection from the neighboring municipalities of the Boroughs of Runnemede, Pine Hill, Magnolia and the Township of Winslow.

The majority of Gloucester Township is serviced by the public sewer, with the exception of a few small areas still on individual septic systems. In order to accomplish these services, the Authority must maintain a fleet of 23 vehicles, including TV camera, 40 generators and 2 Jet Vac trucks. The TV camera can capture, and record on video, pictures of such problems as breaks in sewer mains, grease blockages, or intrusions of tree roots. Once this camera pinpoints the problem, then a crew can uncover the underground pipe and make repairs with minimal interruption to service. Some problems can be fixed without unearthing the pipe by simply using a high pressure jet vac that can clear many blockages. The camera is also used to inspect new lines to insure that they have been properly installed. When no emergencies exist, both of these pieces of equipment are used to inspect and clean the township's sewer mains on a routine schedule as part of a preventative maintenance program. The generators are located at pumping stations in case there is a power outage. The generators will "power up" to insure there is no interruption in service.

In order for these services to run smoothly, we have to maintain billing, bookkeeping and accounting departments. Primary functions include budgeting; accounting; managing and investing cash; managing debt; paying invoices; executing payroll; and billing and collection of receivables (sewer rents, interest on delinquent accounts, connection fees, searches, tower rentals and other various revenues). The Authority management is responsible for financial reporting to the Board of Commissioners. We are also responsible for purchasing and maintaining all operating equipment and supplies at our location. In addition, we provide service calls to our users 7 days a week, for sewer back-ups. Call us first at the sign of any sewer line problems. There is no charge for the Authority to investigate. On average, we serve approximately 3,000 calls per year. For more information, please visit our customer service section.

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